How to Close Your Sales Letter: Tips, Tricks and Techniques Proven to Close the Sale for Real

If you've done a good job in your copy to this point, you really don't have to do much to close the sale. You've shown the reader that you're for real, that your product or service does indeed deliver on your promises. You shown how you are unique, built impeccable credibility. The reader has made the emotional decision to buy, and you've also shown why buying is the logical choice.

See, you've done such a good job that you really have to goof to not make the sale. BUT why should you get lazy like all but the best copywriters do at this point?

You shouldn't. There are exact mechanisms at work at this point in your copy that make this another crucial part of your sales letter. Even though it's difficult to botch up the close, I'm constantly amazed at how many letters lose me at the close.

Don't get lazy with the close. Got it?

The Components of Your Close

Your close must have the following to be of any help to your copy:

  • State the exact offer
  • State your exact guarantee in a positive manner (risk reversal)
  • Remind the reader of the major benefits and big promise
  • Equate your product or service with the big promised result in her mind
  • Ask for the sale
  • Lead directly to the order form

The close can also

  • add more unexpected benefits (great to do by the way)
  • add another free bonus
  • quickly remind of your USP
  • provide more proof to build more credibility (like another testimonial)
  • add more urgency, scarcity or a time limit (should be there)

Here's Why

When you state the exact offer, you're letting the reader know how much it is (or where to get more info) and exactly what she gets. Adds confidence in the form of knowing.

When you state the exact guarantee in an affirmative manner, you effectively reverse all risk on the part of the reader. Adds confidence in the prospect.

When you remind her of the Big Promise, you re-vitalize why she read your entire letter in the first place.

When you equate your product or service with the desired result, you further build the confidence of the reader. Something like "The Orange Juice Newsletter is The Gateway to Health and Happiness" is fine. Just something to that says Product=Benefit(s).

When you ask for the sale she knows you're not a dim-witted pantywaist. In other words, she expects you to be a leader and tell her what to do next to get all the wonderful benefits and results you've promised her. You must ask for the sale.

Online you have to provide a link to the order form - or (better yet) have the order form right there after you completed sales letter. And if you provide a link, make sure the link is stated in a positive, benfit-reminding way. (e.g. Click here to order the Orange Juice Newsletter and [big benefit].)

When you add more, unexpected benefits in the close, you really tend to lock in the sale. Jeez, after all this, after she's already decided emotionally and logically to buy, she gets more? Wow! That's wonderful.

Same thing with another added bonus.

Now, why is it that I should buy from you again? Oh yeah. Because you're unique in some way and you remind her of that way or those ways.

"More proof? Great!"

Why should she act now? Because there's some scarcity or urgency attached to your product.

I think you get the idea. The additional stuff adds to the reader's motivation and makes them more and more excited to break out his or her wallet and order.

Not much more to go to have your sales letter done. Let's get to it, eh?

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