First You Reach, Then They Reach: How to Overcome The Natural Resistance to Selling

You've gone through writing your copy and giving benefits, building credibility, showing how your product or service is unique, stimulating emotion and motivation.

If you've done a really good job at those, the reader has already made the emotional decision to buy. Really...

But now she's expecting you to ask for her money. She knows that you're offering something for sale and she's made that emotional decision to buy and all that's left is for you to ask her for her money.

So her guard goes up. That natural resistance to being sold cuts in.

What are you going to do?

Well, most copywriters go for the close. It's what the reader expects. And the resultant sales aren't nearly as good as could have been done. What the professionals do, the really high paid pros that have proven over and over that what they write really does sell in print, is they

Change the Subject. Really. Not entirely, but they change the subject.

They write something like, "So you're invited to join the hundreds of privileged subscribers to the Orange Juice Newsletter."

And the reader goes, "Here it is. Here's where they want my money." And the resistance kicks into the Mega-Amp range.

Well, you're not going to make that mistake because you'll know what to do next.

How to Close the Resistance and Create Want

See, you've been reaching and reaching throughout your copy. You've done your job and created the emotional decision to buy...What's next? The Logical justification.

Oh yeah. So here we go.

The person's guard goes up. She doesn't want to part with her money, but she does want what those results and benefits! The big promise. She wants that.

"So you're invited to join the hundreds of privileged subscribers to the Orange Juice Newsletter." But you don't ask for any money yet. You withdraw from the sale for a moment.

The next part is where you remind her of the big promise. That's what got her to read your copy in the first place. You built up that promise and proved you could deliver.

You add some more big benefits. Add a bonus or three or six.

You show her how it's a great value.

You logically prove it.

So you could write something like

"But first, and I would be remiss if I didn't tell you, that every subscription to The Orange Juice Newsletter also comes with a bushel of fresh Florida Oranges. Juicy and sweet, they squirt their nectar into your mouth with every bite.

"You know all the medical benefits of Orange Juice, but do you also know that orange juice also makes you happier? Recent research conducted by NFOGA in conjunction with the University of Florida, has shown conclusively that those who drink orange juice every day are happier. There were no exceptions. It cures depression and creates joy.

"The one-of-a-kind Orange Juice Newsletter, along with the oranges you'll receive, will literally help you reach your goals, live a happier, healthier life, and increase your virility.

"As an added bonus, we've had a 217 page book reprinted from 1889 titled The Future of Florida Oranges: The Real Fountain of Youth by Dr. Peelum N'Eatum from Lower Ork - Free when you begin your subscription before February 29.

"The bonuses alone are worth $4X the low subscription price. But there's more: Your Satisfaction is Not Only Guaranteed for Life, but every year you'll receive even more Florida Oranges as a Subscriber! For Life."

Then you could start the close. But that's another tutorial.

Then Back Into the Flow

Do you see what a difference it makes to back off when the person expects the sale?

Instead of "Join today for only $X. Satisfaction guaranteed." You back off and appeal to the readers logical needs for a moment. THEN you can start on the close.

You can't rely on the emotional decision being strong enough, all by itself, to close the sale. You have justify the decision with logical reasons that it's a good value, a good buy for the person. This further helps build confidence in your product or service.

In other words, you need to give people a reason to buy that they can tell their friends or significant other is the reason they bought. (Married folks know exactly what I mean, too LOL :)

There's other ways to do it

As long as you change the subject a little, even to something just related to what you're selling, and include

  • more benefits
  • more value
  • remind of the big promise
  • remind of your uniqueness
  • and add bonuses
and do so in such a way as to appeal to the reader's logical side, it's hard to mess this part up.

So just practice a few possible withdrawals for your own product or service. You'll get the hang of it quickly.

(By the way, have you ever noticed that the best way to make friends with a dog is to squat down and sit there with your hand out for them to smell? Then he'll let you pet him.)

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