How to Write Awesome Guarantees, and How Not To

Your guarantee is there to reverse the risk from the buyer to the seller. It's called 'risk reversal.'

First, here's how not to write a guarantee. Don't offer a triple your money back guarantee or better. Don't offer specific amounts or times. Don't have a short time limit on your guarantee. Don't state your guarantee in a negative way.

Multiple money back guarantees scream of hype. Honest, credible products and services can stand on their own with just a money back type.

Saying that the reader will earn $X in Y time is illegal. So don't do it.

You must offer at least a 30 day guarantee on your product or service online. It's considered the same category of buying and selling as direct mail. And by law, at least in the US, the buyer has 30 days to evaluate the product to ensure that it's what they expected.

If you state your guarantee in a negative way, like "If you're not completely satisfied..." then that has the effect of negating a guarantee.

How To Write Your Guarantee

When you're creating your guarantee, just don't violate the above.

Offer a money back guarantee of at least 30 days. Hey, it's the law, so why not use that law to your benefit?

Make your guarantee for a long period of time. Test after test has shown that the longer the guarantee, the less likely the person is to return it. If a person only has 30 days to evaluate the product, they'll more likely feel an urgency to hurry it up so they can get their money back.

Also, consider what's typical in your particular industry or field. If 6 months is the norm, then go with a 9 months or 1 full year. Or even longer if the product can stand it.

Be sure to state your guarantee in a positive way. Something like, "Take a full year to examine and use the new Salt Juicer completely at our risk. You'll find that everything we've said is completely under-stated!"

So when you're crafting your guarantee, keep those things in mind.

Practice writing a couple of positive guarantees for your own product or service, then apply the best one or the one most appropriate.

There's more to learn about creating yours, but unfortunately the info I would offer you is copyrighted and protected by law. There are ways to make your guarantee (almost alone) sell your product. It's terrific info.


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