"What is Copywriting? And other Free Tutorials for Writing Great Copy That Sells:
How to Write for the Web"

Copywriting is basically taking powerful, emotion evoking word pictures and showing the reader that his or her life would be more complete - better, easier, more productive, more profitable, happier, whatever - if that reader owned what it is you're selling.

On the Internet, your business is among tens or hundreds or thousands of the same type of business or product. You have to stand out. And mastering the art of writing effective copy will help you very much.

THE Most Important Internet Skill

See, if you were to choose one skill that would help your business online the most, that skill would be copywriting, the art of writing words that get your reader to take the specific action that you want them to take. (As the failed dot coms found out, you can get all millions of visitors, but if none of them buy anything...)

I just can't stress that enough. If you have the best product of it's type on Earth and you can't motivate your audience to buy it, you'll go broke making no sales.

Of course, you also have to get people to your site to read your copy, but that's another issue altogether. (Promoting your web site would be the second most important thing that you have to learn to succeed online. Third would be the ability to get your order system up and running, or to hire someone to do that for you.)

Anyway, the point is that you really need to focus a lot of attention to building the ability to write persuasive sales letters. It's that critical if you want to be an online success.

Why You Should Master the Art of Copywriting

I suppose you could always hire out the job of writing your sales letters, but unless you have deep enough pockets to hire the best, chances are great that you will be able to do a better job yourself.

Why? Well, first off, you know your business better than anyone else. You know your audience and customers better. You know what they ask, how to answer them, and why they buy your product or service.

There's a lot involved with writing effective copy, but honestly, it all boils down to communicating your message. If you're excited about your product, you'll always write better than if you're not. That excitement just shows through in your copy.

There's lots of tutorials here on how to write the parts of your copy. There's a lot that's great to know and practice.

You can start off with the copywriting basics.

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