How to Write an Order Form that Finishes Closing the Sale

It's amazing to me how damn difficult it is to order from some of these corporate web sites (still, even in 2010 and these copywriting tutorials were written in 2000!). For some reason they think that I want to divulge a ton of personal info and preferences bad enough that I'll go through hell and high water just to spend money with them. I'm not and I won't. Just like about 75% of the rest of people.

This is a short tutorial, but it's very powerful and when used, this info WILL result in more sales. Read it and use it.

So keep your order form simple. Ah, but there are ways to keep it simple - and to really make them want to order...

What Must Be On Your Order Form...

  • Say "YES! I want that big promise and all the other benefits and bonuses. I want to be part of that select group of people."
  • Restate the guarantee. Again in an affirmative manner. (I understand that I have a full year to evaluate the Grande Salt Juicer completely at your risk.)
  • State all the order options information. (Call, snail mail - check, money order, cash) and the relevant info for each option.
  • The price and everything they'll get (bonuses).
  • Only collect the required information: Name, Phone, email, Card Number, Expiration Date, Address, City, State, Zip.
  • And make sure that the order form actually works. Yeah, test it before it goes live and that the entire order system operates flawlessly. If you will also have OTOs (One-Time Offers), then ensure THAT system works flawlessly, too.

That's really it. Just summarize the offer, the guarantee, the price, the bonuses, give your order options, collect the information. That's it. Really.

If you check out even some of the really established professional businesses, you'll find that all they do is collect the information. Period.

There is one more little trick. Right there, just below the "Order Now" button (and don't call it the "Order Now" button either. Have the button say something like "Give me the Results"), again reassure the person that it's safe, that they will definitely get the results they want...Yep, build confidence and credibility.

That's you last shot at placing the order. Make it safe and keep building credibility and confidence.

Money is an idea backed with confidence. So never let up on building the confidence. Especially not on the order form.

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