The Secret Behind the P.S.: Your Second Headline

What's that? Yep. Your P.S. is your second headline. I believe that it was the late legend, Gary Halbert, who let that secret out of the bag. (Actually, he created the principle!)

Often when people are confronted by a long letter (and long letters almost always sell more), they'll go to the end of the letter because they know that the whole letter will be summed up in the offer and the P.S.

At least usually. Your P.S. can do everything that your headline can do. Keep that in mind.

You can and should use the PS (or multiple PSs) to:

  • Bring up the big promise again
  • Add more benefits
  • Powerfully state the offer
  • Create curiosity
  • Build urgency
  • Add even more credibility and proof
  • any or all of the above

You know, there's a whole list of awesome PS's that come as a free bonus for you in Instant Sales Letters. It's a fantastic example and you can see first hand great examples of most of the elements in these tutorials. It's also dirt cheap. Yanik Silver has done a great job with it.

Each technique for your P.S. is unique and has certain uses for different styles of writing and different types of products. I haven't personally found any real correlations between which are the absolute best to use when.

But practice writing a couple of each type. You know, write a couple of PSs that add still more benefits. Two that restate the offer and bonuses. Create curiosity or even perform three or four of the functions.

You'll know when you have the right one. I know that sounds lame, but you'll just know.

I do know that a really good test to see if you have the best PS for your own letter is to just read the PS. If you want to go back and read the letter, it's good. If you want to buy, well, that's even better. If neither, then re-write it. That's about all the guidelines I can offer.

Some great sample letters to read (that really work) for the PS are (and just read the PSs to see if you want to read anymore or buy - the real test of a great PS):

Those have some really good PSs that really work and are excellent examples for you to follow. Notice how each is different, too.

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