Ways to Add Urgency to Your Sales Letter So You Make More Sales and Earn More Money

So you wanna add some urgency to your sales letter, huh? Good for you. You really won't close as many sales if your copy doesn't add and build an urgent quality.

How to Build URGENCY

Here's some good ways to build up the urgency in your copy:

  • Address something painful about not buying your product
  • Make it a limited quantity (add scarcity)
  • Limit the time to act
  • Limit the number of bonuses (scarcity)
  • Limit the time on how long you can guarantee them to receive the bonuses
  • Remind them of the pain or the problem - head on - and what life is like while having that pain or problem. Then remind them that they can solve it.
  • Remind them how embarrassing it is to have that problem that you can solve for them.
  • Remind them that the future insecurity will affect them directly - and that you can solve it for them or help them overcome it.
  • ...you get the idea...

See, if you don't add some urgency on why they should act now, they might say, "Oh, I'll just buy it next pay day. Then they forget or they can't find your site ever again. They should buy NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week. Now.

Where to Build Urgency in Your Copy

If you can do it in your headline, do it. How? "How to Hurry up and Satisfy Your Wife in Bed Before she finds out that Billy Bob Can!" OUCH!

That's a damn painful thought to most men! If your product or service can and does solve some physical or "thoughtful" pain - you could address it in your headline while offering a solution.

You can and should bring it up in the hook or lead. What's something painful or "unconfrontable" about the problem to most people? Well, confront it. "I know that back pains are common, but mine were so bad until recently that I couldn't perform. You know what I mean." Or "My back used to hurt so bad that I had problems relieving myself. Until Dr. Flat U. Lance showed me how to cure it myself with a simple foot massage."

You can use testimonials, too, to build up some urgency. While this is not very common at all, it can be done easily.

You can build that urgency in every part and section of your copy. The beginning and the end of your sales letter are the top places to address those "urgency" issues.

The Thought Behind Building Urgency

See, building a sense that it's "urgent to buy now" was found from tests back in the late 1800s. Direct mail sellers found that when something was urgent enough, now, that their readers would buy now. They also found that if the readers didn't buy now, they wouldn't buy at all.

And somehow that got all cavorted and twisted into building FEAR. Now, fear is basically a total scattering of attention because of a real or perceived threat. When a person is "fear-stricken" then they're open to direct suggestion because any suggestion then is almost like a hypnotic command: it gives the person one focus.

Well, the use of fear has proven to sell a lot of items, mostly insurance, newspapers and other fraud products that rely on that fear. It works on a low level.

A much more powerful way to make sales is by building enthusiasm. It's also much more difficult for some odd reason. Well, there's a lot of other emotions and motivations that appeal to the decision to buy a product or service.

Building enthusiasm is NOT building up a bunch of poppycock "positive thought" crap, or "Law of Attraction" crap. Enthusiasm is intensely focused attention with a strong happiness attached.

But the real point is that you want to create and build a strong sense of urgency. You don't have to use fear. In fact, I wouldn't recommend it at all in most cases.

Just use one or more of the tactics above in two or more parts of your copy, preferably at the beginning, near the beginning, near the end and the close.

How Not to Use Fear

(Use Enthusiasm instead...) Relate to the problem, the situation from a personal viewpoint. Build up an enthusiasm about getting the desired results. Use enthusiastic testimonials and praise about the results and benefits. Use a bit of scarcity. Limit the time they have to respond, the number of bonuses, the time on the bonuses. Whatever. But do it with enthusiasm.

Most people get refreshed when they read an enthusiastic sales letter. They're so rare that they're almost a novelty.

I'm not talking about a sales letter full of hyped up promises and other hype, but real enthusiasm. "Wow! I can't thank you enough for these free tutorials. With just the information that you give away for free, I've been able to re-write my sales letter and have already tripled sales (309% increase!). Thank you for providing your free copywriting tutorials. They've helped my business grow more than I though realistic. I can't wait to get to your other free tutorials. Thanks again. Marty Hollingshead, Cleveland, Ohio - December 1, 2000 - www.smartsecs.com" (If you want that feeling NOW, then act NOW. LOL :)

Build up the enthusiasm, the positive motivation - and show the reader that your promises are really attainable.

Be honest, be upbeat. You'll sell more. Add that urgency, and you'll sell more yet.

Really. You will. Test it and see for yourself.

Other Ways to Generate Urgency

Use words that convey urgency. Hurry. Act now. Tomorrow is too late. You can start benefiting immediately after you order. and on and on.

If you're super-confident about the results that can be attained with your product or service, you can apologize to the reader if they've decided not to buy. You can let them know - again - that their thing they want solved can be solved and that they really won't have to deal with it any longer.

You should show your confidence in your writing. Not cockiness, confidence.

Remember from the basics that you must be passionate about your product? Well that passion will always pull better than the substitute of the non-passionate: fear. That's right. Invoking fear is a substitute for real passion about your product. Even greed is more powerful than fear, really.

Be passionate about your market. Know the trends that are affecting your clients, and be willing to scare them into action with problems they didn't even know they had - if you have to.

Naturally you want to write the best copy you can so you profit more. So practice a sample letter while being enthusiastic about your product. Be passionate. Be enthusiastic.

Now, just for a little proof, write a sample letter while intending to evoke fear in the reader. The compare the letters for yourself. Give both to some friends and ask them which on would be more likely to make them buy. Try it for yourself. Don't just take my word for it.

When you've proven to yourself the power of passion and enthusiasm, add it to your sales letter, or start all over from scratch.

Wax Enthusiastic!

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